First Time Home Buyers

Owning your first house comes with a special pride in your new home that is one of the most exciting things you will ever do.

In this class you will learn about selecting a new home, how to budget for it and how to buy it, the home mortgage loan process to finance it and much more.  You may go at your own pace and return as often as your like. 

Best of all, the course is absolutely FREE. 

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Each Class Is Presented By Audio Podcast Along With A Downloadable PDF Text File You May Print And Read Along With. 

  • Introduction 

  • North Dakota First Time Home Buyers   

  • Budgeting

  • Your Real Estate Agent 

  • Mortgage Terminology 

  • Home Mortgage Lenders 

  • Mortgage Products Mortgage Types 

  • Credit 

  • Start House Shopping 

  • Finding Your House 

  • Making An Offer 

  • Home Inspections 

  • Closing